Patient Testimonials Marrero LA Dentist Office

Westley Walker

The dentists here are very knowledgeable and preform above expectations. The staff is helpful and always a pleasure to speak with.

Joe M.

Such a wonderful & well skilled staff. The technology was on point. Such a great place. Would say to anyone if you looking for a dentist Dr Valarie or Dr Maria well take great care of your smile.

Raul Medina

Like a kind word or gesture, a kind dental staff can make your day. Thanks for your great services.

Clemless G.

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Bronson L.

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Romy M.

"This is my family dentist office, and I have been coming since I was a baby. I thank them for everything that they do for me and my family. Thanks for everything that ya’ll ever did for us. I am happy with them, they do a great job. I think they are all very nice people and understanding with patients."

Catherine R.

"I have always had great experiences at your office, starting with Dr. Guy right out of dental school. Y’all have made me feel comfortable and like a cherished patient and friend. Your dad would talk and talk to me, and I always wanted to talk back or laugh at his comments. You are a very lucky family that have followed in such a wonderful man’s foot steps."

Ashley P.

"I have been going to Barataria Dental for 12 years, and I am never disappointed. They make sure all of your needs are met and you are comfortable. I never have to wait while at Barataria Dental. They take you to the back immediately and take very good care of you. The staff at Barataria Dental is wonderful!"

D. Butler

"I have been a patient of Barataria Dental clinic for over 16 years which says I have built a trust that I value very much. Staff is always pleasant & caring with you in mind."

Elverina C.

"I have known Dr. Maria since high school and she has the same kind and gentle personality now as she had then. If you ever had a fear of going to the dentist, this is the place to go. My husband even goes to the dentist without putting up a fuss."

Immanuel B.

"Dr. Val, Dr. Maria and the rest of their fine staff take very good care of me when I come in for dental treatment."

Joseph B.

"I’ve been a patient since three years old. I can truly say with all my travels around the world and nation, I’ve never experienced a better dentist. I feel I am part of a family at Barataria Dental."

Megan D.

"I’ve been a patient for 15 years. They know most patients by their name and they are very friendly. Barataria Dental keeps my pearly whites perfect."

Nora S.

"I have been a patient in this practice for over 40 years. I have had excellent treatment and the staff has always been professional and treated me like family."