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Most people who grind their teeth don’t even realize they have a problem because it happens while they sleep. A dentist can usually identify the signs of bruxism, the condition in which one grinds or clenches their teeth. New Orleans, LA dentists Dr. Maria Burmaster and Valerie Hemphill are highly experienced with the management and treatment of sleep bruxism and the associated effects such as tooth wear, broken fillings, and/or headaches.

Common signs of bruxism include:

  • Premature wear on teeth
  • Abraded tooth enamel
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Broken fillings and/or crowns
  • Headaches, especially in the morning
  • Jaw pain or soreness

teeth grinding marrero la

Treatment for Tooth Grinding

As with most dental concerns, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for teeth grinding. Dr. Burmaster and Dr. Hemphill will evaluate your condition and design a treatment plan based on your condition. Often times a nightguard is prescribed to prevent grinding and clenching during sleep.

  • Teeth Grinding Mouthguard: This removable appliance is best suited for patients with a balanced bite and healthy TMJ. The teeth-grinding mouthguard is worn at night to protect teeth from grinding and clenching.
  • Orthodontics: If your teeth are not in proper alignment, Dr. Burmaster and Dr. Hemphill may recommend orthodontic treatment. Barataria Dental is a New Orleans Invisalign® dentist. We can also refer you to a local orthodontist if more intensive treatment is needed.
  • Bite Equilibration: Also known as bite correction therapy, this treatment involves making a series of adjustments to the teeth so that they fit together properly and eliminate stress and pressure.
  • Restorative Dentistry: Once the bruxism has been successfully managed, the next step is often to repair worn or broken teeth. Dr. Burmaster and Dr. Hemphill are among the leading cosmetic dentists in New Orleans, LA, and offer a wide range of procedures to restore beauty to the smile.

Teeth Grinding FAQs

How common is teeth grinding?

Around half of the population grinds their teeth at some point. Usually, outside factors like stress cause this effect. Most teeth grinding is done while you’re asleep, but it can happen when you’re awake subconsciously. About 5% of the population grind their teeth regularly and forcefully.

Can teeth grinding lead to infection?

Yes, untreated bruxism can lead to infection. Grinding causes slow, progressive trauma to a tooth. It can lead to broken teeth, too. Bacteria and debris can build up and grinding makes it easier for those bacteria to get into areas of the tooth damaged by trauma. Your molars are particularly susceptible to this.

Does teeth grinding affect my sleep?

Teeth grinding plays a big role in impacting your sleep. Whether you realize it or not, teeth grinding disrupts your sleep, so you don’t get the full amount of rest that your body needs. Not only do you have disrupted sleep, but you often wake up with pain in your jaw, face, and head.

Can teeth grinding shift my teeth?

Yes. Teeth grinding is known to wear down your teeth prematurely, as well as cause chips or cracks. But grinding can also shift your teeth over time. Usually, you grind your teeth in one specific way. When you’re doing the exact same motion every night, it’s going to slowly shift your teeth because of the increased pressure in that particular area.

How do I alleviate teeth grinding pain?

Teeth grinding can be very painful, especially if you’ve waited to get treatment. Over-the-counter pain medications are always a good option to ensure you can sleep and avoid pain. Ice the area of your jaw that’s sorest due to grinding, as that’s the most affected. Avoid chewing gum or eating hard foods that are difficult to chew.

Does bruxism ever go away?

Teeth grinding is a prominent issue in children. If it’s just childhood bruxism, many children grow out of the condition. But there are still adults that retain this habit or develop it due to stress or other conditions, like medications. We’ll help you control and curb the habit so that it doesn’t impact your overall life and health.

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