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Missing Teeth Marrero, LA

The good news for patients with missing teeth is that there are many replacement options. With advances in modern dentistry, replacement teeth are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth. More treatment options mean better choices for patients looking for a solution that fits their health needs, aesthetic goals, and budget.

Tooth loss can lead to secondary oral health complications. Replacing missing teeth as soon after a loss as possible can help patients avoid additional damage to their gums, teeth, and jaw. Patients with missing teeth are more susceptible to gum disease, tooth decay, additional tooth loss, and bone deterioration. Missing teeth make it difficult to chew and may prevent patients from sharing their beautiful smiles. Replacing missing teeth is essential for maintaining your oral health.

replace missing teeth in marrero la to treat tooth loss

Which Treatment is Best for Replacing Missing Teeth?

The primary options for replacing missing teeth are dental bridges, implants, and dentures. Each type of treatment has its own advantages. Our dentists, Dr. Maria Burmaster and Dr. Valerie Hemphill can help you choose which treatment is right for you.

  • Dental Bridges – A dental bridge is an affordable treatment option for replacing missing teeth. The bridge can be either removable (flipper teeth) or fixed. A fixed bridge is anchored either with dental crowns and/or dental implants.
  • Dental Implants – A dental implant is a more permanent solution for missing teeth. The implant actually replaces the root of the tooth, becoming fully integrated with the bone. Dental implants are generally the most expensive replacement option, but they also require the least maintenance. Not all patients qualify for dental implants. The location of the missing tooth, as well as the overall health of the patient and bone structure, will be evaluated before the dentist recommends treatment.
  • Denture – A denture is used when a person is missing all of their upper or lower teeth. The denture can either be removable or secured using dental implants. An implant denture is more expensive than a removable denture, but it offers patients a higher quality of life and level of comfort.

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