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Barataria Dental is one of the leading dentists in the New Orleans, LA area. Our practice is dedicated to comprehensive dental care for the entire family. Ideally, dentistry is preventive, optimal dental care can be achieved through routine visits to the dentist and regular at home care.

The primary goal of general dentistry is to treat problems in their earliest stages, many of which can be identified during a routine dental cleaning and exam. Identifying problems in the early stages allow our dentists to recommend the most conservative methods for treatment, preserving as much of the natural tooth as possible and saving the patient from expensive and uncomfortable procedures.

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Preventing Gum Disease

Gum disease is a condition that affects roughly 3 out of every 4 American adults. Routine examinations can help prevent gum disease by treating problems that could lead to gum disease such as plaque build up and gingivitis.

Children’s Dental Care

General dentistry is particularly important for children who are more susceptible to tooth decay. Cavities are a leading health concern facing children. Regular visits to the dentist along with good habits at home can prevent cavities and pave the road for long-term dental health. Sealants are an important part of your child’s pediatric dentistry and can prevent cavities. Our West Bank family dental practice has the experience and range of services necessary to keep growing smiles healthy and functional, including Invisalign®, periodontal therapy, and emergency dental care.

Your First Visit to Barataria Dental

For adult patients, the initial appointment will be a comprehensive oral exam which includes a full mouth x-ray, periodontal screening, and a treatment plan for dental cleaning. We are particularly concerned about customizing your dental cleaning to your specific needs, so your cleaning will be diagnosed at this visit. The second visit will usually be the cleaning appointment.

We often hear from patients that a visit to Barataria Dental is more thorough and complete than any other visit to the dentist. We believe that a comprehensive examination is critical to a proper diagnosis and treatment planning for the most successful results. Our team makes every effort to get to know our patients as individuals and understand their unique oral health risks for more personal care and advice. We want to help you maintain your oral health between visits and avoid common dental concerns.

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