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Teeth Whitening An Overview

Confident young man looking at camera teeth whitening cosmetic dentist new orleans laTeeth whitening is one of the quickest and easiest ways to improve the appearance of your smile. Teeth whitening is often used in combination with reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry cases as part of a smile makeover.

Doctors Maria Burmaster and Valerie Hemphill offer a wide range of professional teeth whitening options to brighten your smile. They will discuss your cosmetic goals, dental concerns and budget before recommending which option is best suited to your needs.

Professional vs. Over the Counter Teeth Whitening

The teeth whitening offered by Barataria Dental is far superior to the teeth bleaching kits sold in drug stores, with the added benefit of professional oversight for safe and effective results. The bleaching gel that we use has a far stronger concentration of active ingredients for whiter teeth in less time. In addition, our bleaching trays are designed to fit perfectly against the teeth for an even distribution of bleaching gel meaning no missed spots.

Why Are My Teeth Discolored?

Our teeth become dull and discolored with age. While there is no single cause for tooth discoloration, although family history may be a factor, the main reasons for teeth discoloration include:

  • Exposure to dark foods and beverages
  • Tobacco use
  • Certain medications or medical conditions
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Teeth Whitening What to Expect

At Home Whitening Kits:
Take-home whitening kits are ideal for patients looking for a more gradual and natural result. Take home kits afford patients the convenience of whitening their teeth from the comfort of their own homes. Your Barataria dentist will take molds of your teeth to create custom whitening trays. These trays will fit snugly against your teeth, reducing damage or sensitivity to your teeth and soft tissues. Patients wear their whitening trays for a few hours each day and enjoy a gradual whitening of their teeth.

In Office Teeth Whitening:
Barataria Dental offers EZ white pro in-office teeth whitening system. In office teeth whitening is a noninvasive, quick procedure that can whiten your teeth up to 8 shades in about just one hour. A professional grade whitening gel is topically applied to the teeth. A special light activates the whitening agent. EZ white can take years off of your appearance leaving you feeling rejuvenated and confident in your beautiful smile.