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Enhance Your Smile with Veneers

If you want to make your teeth appear straighter, whiter, or more even, your dentist can help you achieve your smile aesthetic goals with porcelain veneers. These custom-made shells attach to the front of the teeth with sturdy composite resin. This way, they can reshape your smile according to your unique goals and oral health needs.

Enhance Your Smile with Veneers

Benefits of Porcelain Veneer Treatment

Veneers can stay in place on your smile for fifteen years, and many patients appreciate the durability and longevity of these fixtures. You can feel more confident pursuing this treatment when you know more about its benefits. Read on to discover three advantages that porcelain veneers can bring to your smile.

Brighten Your Smile

Many people aspire to have a white and bright smile. But your teeth can become dark, dull, or otherwise discolored over time for a number of reasons. Sometimes these tooth stains are too deep in the enamel for bleaching agents in whitening treatment to fix.

If this happens, your dentist can use porcelain veneers to cover stubborn dental discoloration and make your teeth brighter. They use color-matching tools to ensure your veneers appear both beautiful and natural-looking in your unique smile. Plus, many patients appreciate that the porcelain material will resist staining so that you can look forward to enduring smile enhancement when it comes to your tooth color.

Amend Broken or Irregularly Shaped Teeth

Your teeth chew, bite, and tear into food routinely throughout your day. Usually, you complete oral functions without issue. But sometimes, you might bite down on a hard item or take an awkward bite that generates a high amount of pressure on your smile that could create a chip or crack in a tooth.

A tooth may also wear down over time, leaving you with a jagged finish that may disrupt your smile’s appearance. Not only will a broken or irregularly shaped tooth look strange in your smile, but it also creates a weak spot in the dental structure that could hurt your oral health.

Severe tooth breakage will need restorative dental treatment. But a dentist can treat minor cracks or chips in the tooth with a porcelain veneer. The shell will shield the injury to restore the tooth’s health and appearance.

The resin seals it into place while also protecting the tooth from further damage. And with proper care, the veneer will withstand pressure from your usual eating habits.

Build a Fuller, Straighter Smile

Do your teeth appear crooked or uneven? Do you have a gap between your teeth? These alignment issues in your smile can detract from your desired dental aesthetic. Major bite problems might need orthodontic treatments, but a dentist can use porcelain veneers to make your smile look straighter in the case of smaller alignment concerns.

The dentist will consider your existing dental structure and cosmetic goals to build veneers that look gorgeous in your smile while also making your teeth look straight and full. They can close gaps and build an aligned smile. Book a cosmetic dental consultation to learn if porcelain veneers are right for you.