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Boost Confidence with Natural-Looking Veneers

Looking for a reliable, durable way to make your smile appear brighter, straighter, fuller, and more even? Your dentist can provide you with cap-like shells that attach to your teeth to build the smile of your dreams according to your specific aesthetic goals. These fixtures, known as porcelain veneers, can cover stubborn dental stains, close gaps between teeth, and amend other aesthetic irregularities in your smile.

However, you might worry that caps covering your teeth will look jarring or false in your smile. You can rest assured that your dentist prioritizes an authentic finish when it comes to cosmetic dental solutions like veneers. Read on to discover how your dentist ensures a natural and beautiful appearance for your smile with porcelain veneer treatment.

Boost Confidence with Natural-Looking Veneers

Authentic Finish with Porcelain Material

Dentists construct veneers from porcelain. The material is reliable and ensures the natural-looking finish that patients desire from smile enhancement treatment. With porcelain, a dentist can use color-matching to achieve a bright white look that will not look unnaturally jarring in the patient’s smile. Plus, porcelain has a glossy appearance that mimics natural teeth rather than appearing false and matte.

Porcelain also resists staining so that the patient can enjoy their new gorgeous tooth color for longer. Thanks to this durable material and the bonding that secures the caps in place, veneers will remain on the smile for fifteen years or longer. Follow aftercare instructions from your dentist to maximize cosmetic dental benefits from these fixtures.

Personalized Approach to Smile Enhancement

Your dentist will employ an individualized approach when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. This means that the dentist will consider your unique smile aesthetic goals and oral health needs when determining a treatment plan.

You will first meet with your dentist for a consultation. They will ensure that porcelain veneers will be the best way to get the smile of your dreams. If so, the dentist will use digital impressions of your smile to construct custom veneers. They will fit both comfortably and securely as well as look optimal in your smile.

The dentist factors in the size, shape, and color of your natural teeth when creating veneers to achieve that authentic finish. Not only does this allow for you to be proud of your smile’s appearance. But it also ensures that the veneers will not disrupt your oral health or capabilities.

The dentist will check your bite before leaving their office after receiving veneers. If the veneers feel ill-fitting, loose, or crooked, they have a higher chance of sustaining damage.

Tell your dentist if you notice that the veneers do not fit right in your smile. Maintaining open communication with your dentist about your treatment will allow you to achieve the best results possible from this cosmetic procedure. Damaged veneers could put your smile at risk of cavities and other dental problems besides interrupting your smile’s stunning appearance.