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How Smiling Enhances Overall Wellness

Most people commonly associate smiling with feeling happy. It tends to be an involuntary facial expression that occurs when you feel joy. But did you know that the inverse is also true? The act of smiling can generate a feeling of happiness in a person.

So smiling more frequently can come with a variety of advantages for your physical and mental health. But if you feel dissatisfied with the way that your smile appears, you might feel less inclined to show it off. Therefore, you could miss out on these wellness benefits.

Knowing more about these potential benefits can encourage you to resolve to smile more often. Read on to learn details about how smiling can improve your overall well-being as well as how your dentist can help you enhance your smile.

Smiling Enhances Overall Wellness

How Does the Act of Smiling Affect Your Body?

In order to smile, you must flex muscles at the edge of the mouth that stretch and lift the lips upward. At the same time, you contract muscles at the corner of the eyes. The series of movements in the face triggers a response in the brain that produces neurotransmitters, chemicals that affect a number of cells in the body.

These specific neurotransmitters, dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin, all influence the mood in some way. They can induce relaxation, which will in turn lower stress and therefore blood pressure. And they can even relieve pain.

As a result, you can see improvements in your mental health that will put less strain on your physical well-being. These benefits can come without the side effects that some medications might include. Health experts agree that smiling frequently to produce these effects can result in an overall improved perspective.

How Can My Dentist Help Me Smile More Often?

One reason that you might not want to smile is that you feel self-conscious about the look of your teeth. However, your dentist can help you enhance the appearance of your teeth to build a smile that you can feel proud to show off. Schedule a cosmetic dental consultation to find personalized treatments that will get you the smile of your dreams.

Your dentist’s individualized approach to smile enhancement ensures that you can get your desired results in a way that looks both gorgeous and natural. And they can choose treatments that will work for your unique dental structure and medical history.

If you want to brighten your tooth color, your dentist might suggest professional teeth whitening treatment. However, not all dental stains will respond to the bleaching agents in this solution.

In this case, you might benefit from porcelain veneers, custom-made caps that attach to the front of the teeth to make them appear straighter, whiter, and more regular. They might also help you align crooked teeth using Invisalign. Contact your dentist today to learn more about the aesthetic dental treatments that could suit your specific goals and needs.