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How to Take Care of Dentures

Looking for an affordable and effective way to replace missing teeth? Ask your dentist about dentures that you can remove from your mouth when not in use. You can smile with confidence as full or partial dentures will fill gaps in your mouth. You can also chew and speak without hindrance once more.

Many patients appreciate the flexibility of these fixtures. But they will require maintenance in order to last as long as possible without replacement. Read on to learn more about how you can care for your removable dentures to get the most out of your oral appliances.

removable dentures maintenance

Aftercare for Removable Dentures

Continue Good Oral Hygiene

Caring for your dentures and other oral appliances begins with taking care of your mouth. Though dentures will not be subject to decay like your natural teeth, your mouth still has natural bacteria that can form plaque. This can lead to changes in your gum health or the shape and position of your teeth and jaw. That in turn may impact the way that your dentures fit.

Keep plaque and other dental dangers at bay by continuing to practice good oral hygiene. This involves brushing your teeth twice each day and flossing daily. With the ability to remove your dentures as needed, you will not have appliances hindering your access to effectively clean your teeth.

Proper oral hygiene will also mean visiting your dentist for routine teeth cleanings. Your dentist can also take this opportunity to examine your smile and make sure your dentures fit as they should.

Complete Separate Cleaning for Your Dentures

Your dentures can garner plaque like the rest of your mouth, which means you will need to complete separate regular cleaning for these dental fixtures. Since you can remove the appliance, you have the flexibility to get this appliance thoroughly cleaned.

You can brush your dentures with a non-abrasive paste or specialized cleanser at least once each day. Choose a soft-bristled toothbrush for this routine so that you do not scratch your prosthetic teeth. Rinse the dentures thoroughly before placing them back in your mouth.

Rinse and Soak Your Dentures When Not Worn

Dentures will need additional maintenance to keep them looking and feeling their best for as long as possible. For instance, you should rinse your dentures frequently, including before each time you place them back in your mouth after having removed them. This ensures that you do not bring harmful external particles into your mouth.

Avoid using hot water when rinsing your dentures. The high temperatures can melt the base of the appliance and ruin its shape.

You should also soak your dentures in a specialized solution when not wearing them, such as when you sleep. Dentures may dry out otherwise, and this can warp their shape so that they no longer fit in your mouth properly.

If the shape of your dentures does become damaged or altered, do not wear them. Call your dentist to replace these fixtures. With proper care, your dentures should last for five years or so.