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Can a Cavity Return After Dental Treatment?

A majority of adults have dealt with at least one cavity in their lifetime. They receive a filling from their dentist to treat this issue. And they can return to their regular routine, knowing that the tooth decay is gone.

While the original cavity has been removed, another cavity may form under the filling if you do not take care of your oral health. Your dentist will be able to diagnose and treat this recurrent decay when you schedule regular exams. Barataria Dental, a dentist’s office in Marrero, LA, defines recurrent tooth decay and describes the treatment you can expect if your dentist finds this dental issue in your smile.

treat recurrent tooth decay Marrero Louisiana

What Is Recurrent Tooth Decay?

If your dentist finds a cavity in your smile, they will get rid of the decay and give you a dental filling to preserve the health and structure of your tooth. The filling is designed to endure the routine wear and tear that your teeth experience. But abnormal amounts of pressure can cause the filling to become damaged.

If the seal of a dental filling breaks, then it is possible for plaque to get under the filling and begin eroding the enamel of your tooth, creating a new cavity. Dental professionals refer to this type of tooth decay as recurrent decay.

How Will My Dentist Treat This Decay?

The treatment for recurrent decay is very similar to treating an initial cavity. Your dentist will refer to x-ray imaging taken during a routine comprehensive exam to determine if decay has developed under prior dental work.

If this is the case, then your dentist will need to access the area under a filling to remove the decay. They will provide you with a local anesthetic before proceeding with this dental work.

The dentist removes the worn or damaged filling and drills away the decay from the tooth, as they would with an initial cavity. They can provide you with another dental filling to fill the resulting hole to complete the treatment. If the decay is advanced, the dentist may give you a dental crown to cover the affected tooth and protect it from further harm.

Can I Prevent Cavities Forming Under Dental Fillings?

You can prevent recurrent decay by taking care of your oral health, including any dental work in your smile such as fillings. Recurrent decay forms if a dental filling or crown becomes damaged and exposes a vulnerable part of your tooth.

Therefore, you should avoid abnormal amounts of pressure that can damage your dental work. This includes biting down on hard items, like fingernails, and habits such as teeth grinding and clenching. You should also continue practicing good oral hygiene to keep your teeth clean and lower your risk of cavity formation.

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