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Use Dental Benefits Before the New Year

Have you been procrastinating your routine dental cleaning? With the new year approaching, now is the perfect time to schedule an appointment with your dental professional.

Dentists encourage their patients to take advantage of their insurance offerings before their expiration at the end of the calendar year. Barataria Dental, a dentist office located in Marrero, LA, describes how you can cash in on your dental benefits before the end-of-year deadline.

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How Does Dental Insurance Work?

Most dental insurance plans subscribe to “use it or lose it” dental benefits. This refers to an annual maximum, or the amount of money your insurance provider will contribute to your dental care within one year. This maximum does not roll over into the next year. Therefore, you should use your benefits before the year concludes or risk losing them.

If you purchased insurance through your employer, part of your paycheck is deducted and reallocated to these dental benefits. Avoid wasting your money and maximize your benefits by scheduling a consultation with your dentist. You can also review your policy to see the specific coverage available under your dental insurance, as this may vary for each insurance plan.

How Can I Use My Dental Benefits?

Your insurance plan likely covers two routine dental cleanings and examinations each year. If you have not done so, now is the ideal time to schedule this type of appointment. These cleanings remove excess plaque from your smile, ensuring good oral health and reducing your risk of needing costly emergency dental work.

You can also consult with your dentist about other kinds of dental work that may be covered by your benefits. You could be eligible for restorative or cosmetic dental procedures that you may have been putting off due to their cost.

Your dentist can discuss treatment options to help you get the smile of your dreams. If you are worried about exceeding your maximum, you can ask your dental professional about financing opportunities.

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