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5 Foods to Avoid for Your Oral Health

Your diet plays a bigger part in your oral health than you may realize. There are certain foods that are better for you than others. The team at Barataria Dental, a dentist in New Orleans, LA, discusses some foods you may want to avoid to help out your oral health.dentist in new orleans, louisiana

1. Hard Candy

You’re probably already aware that chewy candy should be avoided because it gets stuck in your teeth. But hard candy isn’t a good substitute. While it may not get stuck in your teeth, it releases sugar into your mouth the entire time it dissolves. Harmful oral bacteria consume the sugar and emit an acidic byproduct, causing the enamel on your teeth to erode and problems with tooth cavities.

Hard candy can also be dangerous if you bite down on it too early or at the wrong angle. If you’re lucky, it may only cause a cosmetic chip. However, it could also lead to a dental emergency with a severe crack or break. It all depends on the force you bite down with and where it hits on the candy.

2. Dried Fruit

Fruit is usually a safe bet for being a healthy way to tame your sweet tooth. However, you should stick to the fresh kind. Dried fruit is concentrated with sugar and often loses nutrients during the drying process. It also has the same texture as chewy candy. With this combination, it makes it almost as bad as just eating chewy candy itself.

3. Sports Drinks

Many people view these as a healthy alternative to things like soda or energy drinks. But you’ll notice almost as much, if not more, sugar in these when you look at the label. They’re loaded with sugar and often flavored with citric acid, too. This combination is a recipe for cavities and tooth decay. Stick to water after your workouts.

4. Chips and Crackers

While you may not see a lot of sugars on the label, both of these things are made of starches. This means that they break down into sugars as you chew them. Chips are notorious for little pieces breaking off and getting stuck between your teeth. Crackers, on the other hand, turn into a kind of paste that sticks in the crevices of your molars. Make sure you rinse your mouth out with a drink of water after snacking.

5. Coffee and Tea

Because these are dark beverages, both of these things stain your teeth over time. You’ll have to get teeth whitening services or other solutions for a whiter smile. While these drinks can have some health benefits on their own, we almost always load them with sugar and flavor syrups. These are what will really damage your teeth and health over time.

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