The Importance of Pediatric Dentistry

Most dentists offer dentistry services to older teenagers and adults. But pediatric dentistry takes a dentist that’s trained in dealing with children and their smaller teeth and mouths. Dental care is extremely important to start at a young age. The team at Barataria Dental, a New Orleans dentist, discusses pediatric dentistry and its in new orleans

Starting Children Early

It’s never too early to start teaching children the importance of proper oral healthcare. Making sure they’re following proper brushing and flossing techniques as a child helps them to keep up the habit throughout their life. Patient education is a big part of pediatric dentistry, for both the patients and their parents.

Taking children for dental appointments early also helps children get into a routine and habit of regular dental checkups. This is an important part of making sure they have good oral health for the rest of their life. Regular checkups can give you an early diagnosis of things like tooth decay, gum disease, and oral cancer. Catching things early makes it easier to treat.

Eliminating Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety, or fear of the dentist, is something that impacts many people. It can be triggered by the sound of the drill, needles or other dental tools, or just the environment of the dental office. If children are used to going to the dentist when they’re younger, this can help them avoid being afraid of these things when they’re older.

Children may be afraid initially. We do our best to keep patients comfortable and are trained to work specifically with kids. Parents can come in with their children while they’re getting procedures to talk to them and reassure them that things are okay. Children can also watch their parents get treatment and know that they have nothing to worry about if their parent is getting the same thing done.

Pediatric Dentistry Services

Traditional pediatric appointments include a full dental cleaning and exam, along with fluoride treatment. Children are especially prone to having dental cavities. Over 19% of children that are aged 2-19 have dental cavities that are untreated, according to the CDC. Regular checkups help us catch cavities early so that they can be treated with conservative methods. Catching it early can mean the difference between a dental filling and a root canal.

If you’re worried about your child’s tendency to get cavities, ask your dentist about dental sealants. These are painted onto teeth that have multiple cusps, such as the molars, and are done when the first molars are erupting. They give children extra protection against tooth decay that can last for years.

We also offer treatments that are specific to children and adolescents. For instance, we offer wisdom teeth removal. This is typically done in the late teens or early twenties. For preteens and teens that are struggling with crooked teeth, we can treat them with Invisalign. These clear aligners help with mild to moderately crooked teeth and bite misalignment.

Pediatric Dentistry at Your Dentist in New Orleans

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