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The Benefits of Missing Teeth Treatments

The Benefits of Missing Teeth Treatments

Do you have a missing tooth or teeth? Do you cover your smile because you are embarrassed about your missing teeth?

It is important to replace missing teeth not only for cosmetic reasons but for oral health reasons.

If missing teeth are not replaced soon enough, these problems may occur:

  • Tooth decay
  • Tooth misalignment
  • Crooked teeth
  • Gum disease
  • Bone loss

Restorative Treatments for Missing Teeth

It is important to prevent more oral health problems that can stem from missing teeth. Barataria Dental has restorative treatment options that can replace teeth and prevent increased oral health problems.

Before treatment, our professional dentists will assess the condition of your jaws, gums, and teeth. Your oral health, budget, and goals will all be taken into consideration before any specific treatment is picked.

Some beneficial treatment options for missing teeth may include:

Dental Implants

Created from a titanium post, dental implants are a durable solution for those with a missing tooth or teeth. The titanium implant is secured with an abutment and covered with a crown after a healing period of three to six months.

Dental implants:

  • Require less maintenance than other solutions
  • Are long-lasting
  • Prevent further bone loss

Dental Bridges

Removable or fixed dental bridges close the gap left by a missing tooth or teeth. Dental bridges are secured by adjacent teeth or dental implants for a comfortable and structurally sound fit.

Dental bridges:

  • Are affordable
  • Maintain facial structure
  • Restore the appearance of teeth


For patients who are missing most if not all of their upper or lower arch of teeth, dentures are a great option. Dentures can also be secured with dental implants for more stability and comfort.


  • Look and feel like natural teeth
  • Provide a more balanced smile
  • Make it easier to bite and chew

Prevent increased oral health problems from finding you. Talk with the professionals at Barataria Dental to find the treatment option that is right for you.

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