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How to Look Younger by Changing Your Smile

One of the biggest concerns for people over the age of 40 is aging. Women and men want to look their best and feel healthy. Your dentist can really help you with this aspect of your life!

What makes your smile look old?

Missing teeth: This is the most obvious dental problem that contributes to looking older. If you fill in any gaps, you will instantly look younger! Your friends and family may not know what is different. But when a tooth is missing, everyone notices it.

“I am always surprised by patients who think they are covering up a missing tooth by not smiling. All they are really doing is smiling less, because you cannot cover up a missing tooth in the front or side of your mouth,” says Dr. Maria Burmaster at Barataria Dental.”

How to Look Younger by Changing Your Smile How to Look Younger by Changing Your Smile

Yellow teeth: This is one of the easiest cosmetic fixes for a more youthful smile. Whitening, bonding and porcelain veneers can drastically improve your smile. It is common for a person to say she feels 10 years younger after whitening her smile.

Short or worn teeth: As you get older, your teeth will naturally become more worn. As with anything, the longer it is used, the more worn out it will get. By re-building your teeth to their natural size and shape, you will instantly look younger.

Cracked teeth: The problem with cracked teeth is similar to short or worn teeth. When teeth are “new” (think: young) they are even, straight and properly shaped. When teeth are cracked, crooked and uneven, they resemble a broken down fence. It’s not an attractive look and it makes you look older.

Wrinkles around the mouth: When teeth are missing, the mouth area is more wrinkled and sunken. Many patients experience an added bonus of reducing wrinkles when they replace missing teeth. It’s a win-win situation.

Do you want to look younger? Maybe you should visit your dentist.