Celebrate National Dental Hygiene Month with us!

The goal of modern dentistry is to prevent the development of dental problems with good oral hygiene and routine preventive care in an effort to maintain the integrity of the natural teeth for as long as possible. Studies have shown the wide variety of benefits of good oral health:

  • Healthy teeth and gums support overall physical health and well being: poor dental health is linked to larger issues such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes
  • Good oral health is important for a good quality of life long term: tooth loss and complex dental problems can affect speech and diet.

This month we celebrate National Dental Hygiene Month and remind patients to follow these steps to maintain a healthy smile:

Brush daily: brush the teeth twice a day with a soft bristled tooth brush using fluoride toothpaste.
Floss daily: floss once a day between all teeth to remove trapped food particles and reduce plaque build up.
Rinse after meals: rinse the mouth with water after meals or sweet snacks/drinks to reduce bacteria that can create plaque and tartar.
Chew sugarless gum: chewing sugarless gum after or between meals to stimulate saliva: your natural defense against tooth decay!
Routine preventive care: visit Dr. Burmaster or Dr. Hemphill at Barataria Dental twice a year. These routine visits enable them to spot a dental problem in the early stages and prevent more complex issues from developing.

Watch this quick ADA video on the benefits of sugarless gum.