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Common Causes of Tooth Loss

Missing teeth can cause many issues with a patient’s smile. They can feel dissatisfied with gaps left in their smile, they may suffer a decline in oral function, and they may see further complications with their oral health.

Teeth may fall out of their sockets for a number of reasons. But if you know what can lead to this structural dental damage, you can better prevent it with help from your dentist. Read on to find three common causes of tooth loss and how you can avoid them to preserve your smile.

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What Causes a Tooth to Fall Out?

Advanced Gum Disease

The leading cause of tooth loss in American adults is gum disease. This infection of the gum tissue is common, affecting about half of the population. Early stages of this disease can see swelling, bleeding, and soreness in the gums.

But this infection will spread, beginning to eat away at the tooth root and jawbone to the point that the tooth can fall out. Gum disease will not go away on its own, so you will need to seek periodontal therapy from your dentist to get rid of it.

It is easier to eradicate when diagnosed and treated early. Make sure you visit your dentist for routine appointments where they can screen for gum disease. Patients do not always present with noticeable symptoms if they have this infection.

Severe Tooth Damage

If a tooth sustains significant structural damage, it could fall out of its socket. This can occur in a number of ways, including an infection of the tooth pulp or severe tooth decay. Your dentist can use restorative dental solutions to intervene and stop this damage from worsening.

For instance, a dentist will often use root canal therapy to treat problems with tooth pulp. And they will drill away decayed parts of the tooth and restore its structure using a dental crown.

You should not delay this type of treatment because these issues will worsen without prompt dental intervention. A cavity, for example, is an early form of tooth decay that a dentist can treat more easily than if the decay worsens.

Impact Trauma to the Face

Even with diligent preventative dental care, accidents can happen that may cause you to lose a tooth. For instance, a blow to the face or mouth could generate high pressures that may dislodge a tooth. But in this case, your dentist might be able to replace the tooth in its socket if you take prompt action.

Call your dentist right away if you suffer this type of accident. They can schedule you for an emergency dental appointment, and make sure you bring the affected tooth with you.

If possible, place the tooth gently back in its socket to keep it preserved. But if you cannot, carry the tooth in a container, submerged in spit. Handle the tooth by the crown rather than the sensitive root when you can.