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Porcelain Veneers Can Boost Oral Health

Looking for a cosmetic dental treatment that will enhance the look of your smile long-term? Porcelain veneers use cap-like shells that adhere to the front of teeth to create a brighter and more even appearance in your smile that will last for fifteen or more years.

But veneers can offer additional advantages to the structure and well-being of your teeth beyond just their aesthetic. Barataria Dental, a dentist’s office located in Marrero, LA, lists three benefits to your oral health that your porcelain veneers can offer.

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3 Oral Health Advantages with Porcelain Veneers

Amend Minor Tooth Breakage

Teeth endure wear and tear on a regular basis. But abnormally high levels of pressure could cause structural damage to your smile. Chips and cracks can negatively impact the look of your teeth. They could also heighten your risk of oral infections and other dental concerns.

Major damage may need restorative dental work, but minor tooth breakage could be fixed with porcelain veneers. The fixtures can cover small cracks and chips, enhancing the appearance of your smile while also protecting your dental health.

Behaviors like teeth grinding and clenching can contribute to tooth breakage, but if these actions continue, they could also damage your porcelain veneers. Talk to your dentist if you think you may have bruxism.

Shield Teeth After Enamel Erosion

Your teeth contain nerves in their interior layers which are shielded by an outer surface called enamel. Consuming acidic foods as well as factors beyond an individual’s control, like aging, may cause enamel to wear away.

This can mean underlying nerves become exposed, and a patient may begin to experience uncomfortable tooth sensitivity. Once gone, enamel cannot regrow. But a dentist can treat enamel erosion and its symptoms by replacing it with dental work.

Porcelain veneers can cover spots on the front of teeth where enamel may have worn away and prevent nerve stimulation in dentin. This will provide long-lasting alleviation of sensitivity pain.

Make Your Oral Hygiene Routine Easier

If you have gaps in your smile or overlapping or crooked teeth, you may have trouble when completing your oral hygiene routine. Brushing and flossing between teeth may be impeded by these dental alignment concerns. This may mean that plaque can remain on your teeth and cause dental problems.

Making your smile more even with porcelain veneers can help you better clean the surface of your teeth and get rid of dangerous plaque. This can save you both time and money by decreasing your risk of developing dental emergencies that will lead to more appointments in your dentist’s office.

Porcelain Veneers Available in Marrero, LA

Barataria Dental offers porcelain veneers and other cosmetic dental treatments to patients in Marrero, LA. Our practice also specializes in general and restorative dentistry, including tooth replacement solutions, for patients of all ages. Patients can expect optimal preventative and emergency dental care at our office. To schedule a consultation or appointment with our team, contact our staff by phone at 504.358.8632 or reach our office online.