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What to Know About Bleeding Gums

Many people experience bleeding gums when they brush their teeth or floss. If this happens to you regularly, you may even see it as normal. Unfortunately, bleeding gums are never normal, but a sign of a serious dental health issue: gum disease.

Fortunately, if bleeding gums are your only symptom, you’ve probably caught your gum disease quite quickly. At an early stage, it can be stopped and treated with little long-term damage and minimal risk of later infection.

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Treatment for Bleeding Gums

  • Regular Dental Care
    • Keeping up with your routine cleanings and check-ups keeps your teeth healthier over all, and allows your dentist to catch gum disease before it worsens into periodontitis.
  • Scaling and Root Planing
    • For patients with more advanced gum disease, Drs. Maria Burmaster and Valerie Hemphill may recommend scaling and root planing, an intensive deep cleaning that removes plaque and tartar from deep pockets around the roots of the teeth then smoothes the surface of the root.
  • Periodontal Therapy
    • In severe cases, Drs. Burmaster and Hemphill may use the previously described treatments in conjunction with gum surgery. Depending on the patient, your dentist may perform the procedure in our office or refer you to a specialist.

Other Causes of Bleeding Gums

Although bleeding gums can usually be attributed to gum disease, there could be other causes. The most common of these are rough or improper brushing and flossing.

Brushing the gums aggressively, or using a stiff-bristled brush, can cause even healthy gums to bleed. Scrubbing back and forth over the gums can also cause problems. Remember to always use a soft bristled toothbrush and clean your teeth with gentle circular movements.

Flossing is where a lot of people go wrong. It is important to be gentle when flossing as the floss can easily cut into the gums if used roughly. Rather than sawing the floss back and forth, move it gently along the curves of each tooth.

Schedule an Appointment

If you have been experiencing persistent bleeding gums, make sure to mention it at your next dental visit. If you are worried, we will be happy to perform an exam to analyze the cause and severity of your issue. To schedule an appointment with Barataria Dental in Marrero, LA, contact us on our website or at 504.358.8632.