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What to Expect from your Dental Cleaning

important dental cleaning

If you take good care of yourself at home, you may wonder why you need to have regular dental cleanings. The dentist brushes and flosses your teeth just like you do at home, so what’s the point? In fact, regular professional dentistry is vital to a healthy mouth and a good quality of life. So what goes into a dental cleaning?

Teeth Cleaning

This is the most basic part of a routine dental visit. It may seem like the dentist can’t do anything you can’t. However, a hygienist can get a better look at your mouth than you can, and clean spots you may have missed. A standard cleaning involves:

  • Gently scraping the teeth and gums to remove stubborn plaque and tartar
  • Brushing the teeth
  • Flossing

Nothing here is special on its own, but our trained hygienists can be much more thorough than you can at home.

Preventing Gum Disease

Gum disease is one of the most common dental complaints in adults. With regular visits we can perform non-surgical treatment to try and minimize the problem. We can also track changes in your teeth and gums and recommend lifestyle changes as necessary.

Oral Examination

Another key part of your visit is the oral examination. This can include such things as:

  • Manual inspection of the mouth face
  • Bi-yearly bite-wing x-rays
  • Yearly gum disease screening

By screening regularly for these problems, we can stop them before they develop. This allows for minimally-invasive preventative care, rather than heavy-handed treatment. Avoiding complex dental work can improve your comfort and even quality of life overall. A healthy mouth lets you eat normally and smile with confidence.

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