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Oral Cancer Screening

oral cancer screening Marrero LA This month we are going to highlight the importance of knowing your oral cancer risk and make sure you have a routine dental appointment scheduled with Dr. Maria Burmaster or Dr. Valerie R. Hemphill. Our comprehensive exams include routine screening for complex dental problems, including which includes an oral cancer screening.

Oral cancer is one of the most under-diagnosed forms of cancer. Knowing the signs and symptoms of oral cancer can help you get the treatment you need.

Scheduling routine preventive care exams can help save your life. Catching oral cancer early may give patients the treatment they need to improve the quality of their overall health.  At Barataria Dental in Marrero, LA, Dr. Burmaster, and Dr. Hemphill perform an oral cancer screening as part of preventive dental care to look for the early warning signs of oral cancer.

Possible signs of oral cancer

  • Sores or patches in the mouth
  • A sore throat
  • Lesions in the mouth
  • Swelling or pain in the mouth
  • Lump in the back of the mouth or neck area
  • Difficulty or painful swallowing

Spotting oral cancer in the early stages is extremely important because late stage disease is often very difficult to treat and cure. Be sure to visit Barataria Dental in Marrero, LA twice a year for preventive dental care and a screening for the signs of oral cancer. Dr. Burmaster and Dr. Hemphill can also discuss the risk factors associated with oral cancer.

Oral cancer risk factors

  • Smoking or tobacco use
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • A family history of cancer
  • Exposure to HPV

Oral cancer screening is just another great reason to be sure that you visit our Marrero, LA dentist office twice a year. Preventive dental care not only supports excellent oral health, but it may even be life saving!