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Yellow teeth? You Have Teeth Whitening Options

Cosmetic Dentistry in Marrero, LAEveryone should feel confident in their smile. Our smiles are one of our best attributes and when healthy and bright, can improve the quality of your lives. Discoloration and stains on your teeth are a normal part of aging. Marrero LA dentists Dr. Maria Burmaster and Dr. Valerie Ribando offer options to set back the clock on your smile. Barataria Dental teeth whitening treatment options can take years off your smile and restore your confidence.

Your teeth can become discolored for many different reasons. Beverages and foods high in acidity, or dark in colors such as coffee and wine can stain your teeth when frequently consumed. Smoking and enamel wear can also make the teeth appear yellow. Dark stains may be caused by certain medications and could require additional cosmetic treatments to whiten. Our Barataria dental care team will help you to determine the cause of your stains

Professional teeth whitening treatments are more effective and create less sensitivity than over the counter options. The whitening gel used at Barataria Dental is specially designed for faster and more accurate results. Dr. Burmaster and Dr. Ribando will help you achieve your desired results for your brightest and whitest smile with custom fit gel trays. Custom fit gel trays allow for a more even and secure distribution of gel for more effective whitening.

Teeth Whitening Marrero, LA

So that we may offer the most personalized dental care, Barataria Dental offers three different options for professional teeth whitening. During your consultation, Dr. Ribando or Dr. Burmaster will help you to determine what treatment will best fit your goals, budget, and provide optimal results.

  • EZ White: EZ White can whiten teeth up to 8 shades in just one hour. EZ White provides lasting whitening results for your entire mouth.
  • Zoom Quick Pro: If you are looking for quick results at an affordable price, Zoom Quick Pro may be the teeth whitening option for you. Zoom Quick Pro can whiten your teeth up to 4 shades in just ten minutes. Ask your Marrero dentist about our post-dental cleaning whitening deal for a great offer on Zoom Quick Pro teeth whitening.
  • At Home Trays: Many patients chose the convenience of at home whitening trays. Our Barataria dental team will take molds of your teeth and fabricate custom fit whitening trays for your best whitening results. The trays can be used for touch ups after the initial treatment is finished.

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