Overcoming Dental Anxiety

Overcoming Dental AnxietyDental anxiety or fear of the dentist is one of the most common reasons people avoid routine dental care. Dental anxiety is a real condition affecting many people, and can often be the result of a previous bad experience in the dentist chair. At Barataria Dental, we want to help patients feel calm, confident and in control while they receive dental treatments.

Drs. Burmaster and Hemphill understand the struggles of dental anxiety and take the time to discuss your dental concerns. Simply discussing the dental treatment may put you at ease. Drs. Burmaster and Hemphill will also take the time to fully explain a dental procedure as well as answer any questions you may have. For many, this can reduce their anxious feelings and enable them to overcome dental fears without sedation.

If you postpone your routine visits with the dentist for too long, there can be serious negative outcomes. Losing your teeth is one of the most serous consequences of avoiding the dentist. Periodontal disease or tooth decay can form and if left untreated, will lead to major problems including tooth loss. Painful toothaches, stained teeth and bad breath are other outcomes of skipping your routine visits with us.

At Barataria Dental, we know patients can be scared of coming to the dentist and we want to help. We never judge patients for their dental anxiety and want to work with you to help you feel calm and relaxed. Our caring and experienced staff will talk with you during a cleaning, let you see any dental instrument that will be used and explain what is going to happen during your visit before getting started.

Ready to conquer your fear of the dentist and get back a healthy smile? Schedule an appointment with Drs. Burmaster and Hemphill in our Marrero dentist office today!