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If you want to prevent and fight gum disease, your number one choice is daily brushing and flossing, but you’ll also want to look into periodontal therapy – New Orleans doctors at Barataria Dental can provide you with a periodontal screening each year to determine signs of disease. You don’t want to wait to screen for gum disease. It affects three-quarters of the population and is the number one reason for adult tooth loss.

There may be many reasons someone may have gum disease (New Orleans). The main cause is poor oral hygiene, but there are many other possibilities, such as:
• Poor nutrition – both obesity and malnourishment can cause gum disease
• Stress
• Pregnancy or other events that trigger sudden hormonal changes
• A family history of gum disease
• Constant teeth clenching or grinding
• Use of tobacco, both chewing and smoking
• Medication side effects
• Other diseases, such as diabetes

Since the signs and symptoms of gum disease are subtle, many patients may not even realize they have gum disease until it is at a very late stage. Because of how difficult it is for the average person to detect it, it is known as a silent disease. This is why it is so important to visit Barataria Dental for a gum disease check-up every year, as they can detect it when you cannot. There are warning signs and symptoms that can alert you to possible gum disease, however. The most common symptoms include:
• Loose teeth
• Constant bad breath
• Bleeding from the gums when eating
• Bleeding from the gums when flossing or brushing your teeth normally
• A change in your bite, often seen in a change in how dentures fit in the mouth
• Swollen, sore, or red gums
• Sores in between gums and teeth
• Receding gums

Receiving a periodontal check-up will help you get the treatment you need for gum disease in time to prevent further damage and decay. Barataria Dental’s highly trained dentists can help you keep that beautiful smile for years to come.