Are your frequent headaches caused by TMD? | Barataria Dental

Many people suffer with recurrent, unexplained headaches that can be the result of a temporomandibular disorder (TMD). Waking with pain in the neck, jaw and/or face is also a common symptom that there is instability within the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), the strong joint between the jaw and the skull.

TMJ problems can have a number of causes from trauma to the jaw area or head, teeth grinding, etc. A visit to Dr. Burmaster or Dr. Hemphill of Barataria Dental may bring the relief you need for a TMJ problem. Drs. Burmaster and Hemphill, family dentists in the New Orleans area, both have post graduate training in the areas of TMD and bite correction. Both of these experienced dental practitioners can offer their Marrero, LA patients the experience and skill necessary in providing an accurate diagnosis and a successful treatment plan.

Drs. Burmaster and Hemphill understand that to bring long term results- and relief- for a TMD patient it is important to find the root cause of the TMD and to bring the entire occlusal system back into balance.

TMD can disrupt the daily lives of patients if symptoms become severe, as well as cause other dental health problems to develop. At Barataria Dental, Drs. Burmaster and Hemphill take the time to evaluate each patient to see if their is instability in the bite or if teeth or gums have been damaged by teeth grinding- a common TMD cause that can also go unnoticed because it typically occurs while sleeping.

Although there are many possible treatment plans for TMD, they will often include the use of a mouth guard. The custom fit mouth guard is usually prescribed to be worn at night to protect the teeth and other tissues in the mouth from damage as well as to relieve pressure on the TMJ that teeth grinding can cause. This pressure is what can lead to headaches, earaches and radiating pain in the neck and face. The mouth guard can allow the TMJ to relax and can greatly reduce these symptoms.

Contact Dr. Burmaster or Dr. Hemphill at Barataria Dental in Marrero, LA to schedule a consultation and get the relief you may need from TMD!