Restorative Dentistry Can Fix Dental Problems and Give You Your Smile Back | New Orleans

Oftentimes dental patients find that their dental needs simultaneously include pain relief, improved function, and aesthetics. For example, a broken tooth can be painful and emotionally traumatic as the patient may suddenly be less inclined to smile or speak naturally in social settings for fear of revealing the damaged tooth. Restorative dentistry can meet these needs and greatly improve patients’ quality of life. Missing teeth, pain, discomfort, decay, excessive wear, and discoloration can all be remedied through restorative dentistry.

Examples of restorative dental procedures by Barataria Dental in New Orleans include crowns, dental implants, bite correction, partials, bridges, and Invasalign. Typically, a patient will contact a local dentist to schedule a visit at the dentist’s office for a consultation regarding discomfort or a complaint. Other times, patients learn of the need for restorative dentistry through regularly scheduled visits with their family dentist. The dentist will then evaluate the problem and discuss treatment options with the patient. At that point, the patient will decide on a treatment course and will typically schedule an appointment for a later date upon which the procedure will be completed.

For patients who need to find a dental office to perform restorative dentistry, simply contacting a general dentist or an office that specializes in family dentistry is the first step. New Orleans dentist, Barataria Dental, can perform the examination that is necessary to determine what course of treatment is best, inform the patient of what the procedure entails, and provide aftercare guidance and tips to help maintain the newly performed dental work.

Having a dental issue can cause physical pain, discomfort, and even emotional stress. Finding a dentist that is skilled and capable of educating patients about their dental needs is key. By working with a competent, reputable dental office, patients can effectively address their oral health issues, which can improve a patient’s overall sense of well being and confidence.