Barataria Dental in New Orleans Offers Wide Range of Quality Dentistry

If you’re now looking for a highly reputable dentist in the New Orleans, Louisiana region, there’s an outstanding dental practitioner in Marrero. The practice is called Barataria Dental, LLC. They can handle most any dental issue you require professional healthcare assistance with in their Marrero office.

Skill Sets  

This local dentist practices general dentistry, which means the dentist can perform all types of dental procedures for patients of all ages. She graduated with exceptional grades from dental school and did postgraduate work in advanced dental techniques as well. Her dental skill sets allow her to perform such procedures as tooth extractions, root canals, dental crowns, dental bridges, dentures, tooth fillings, and this dentist is also well established and known for her excellence in the practice of cosmetic dentistry.


She has extensive experience in all aspects of general dentistry. Her longevity in the dental profession is due to her high patient volume that was built on word-of-mouth referrals over the years from so many delighted and satisfied dental patients. It’s this vast experience that should encourage you to use this local dentist when you begin your search to find a dentist in the vicinity.


Her professional dental services rendered are very competitively priced. Moreover, her practice accepts most every type of dental insurance as well as many discount dental plans. This dental office also accepts major credit cards, personal checks, debit cards and cash as well. Her practice can keep its costs low due to the sheer number of patients she regularly sees each day, week and month. She passes on her high volume savings to every patient. You won’t find a more affordable general dentist in the entire New Orleans region.


The entire staff has cultivated the highest standards of patient professionalism. They treat each and every patient in the upscale, opulent office setting with the ultimate caliber of courtesy, respect, kindness, reliability, integrity, trustworthiness, gentleness, thoughtfulness and generosity. In this state-of-the-art, professional dental office, every member of the dentist’s staff will ensure you that your appointment will be absolutely delightful and memorable. And the dentist and dental hygienists and dental assistants also make certain to ensure that every procedure is almost 100% pain free. So schedule an appointment today. You won’t be disappointed.