Dental Implants in New Orleans Area by Barataria Dental Can Transform Your Smile

Dental implants are the most permanent solution dentists can offer for patients with missing teeth. Dentists make sure implants look and feel like permanent teeth, so they can eliminate many of the problems that some patients have with dentures and bridges. With good dental care, implants can last a lifetime, just like permanent teeth.

Good candidates for dental implants in New Orleans area are patients who have healthy gums and strong enough bone to hold the implant. Patients must also be committed to maintaining good oral care and visiting the dentist office at least twice a year. Patients who smoke, have diabetes, heart disease or other chronic illnesses will be assessed by their dentists to find out if this type of surgery is right for them.

The implant procedure begins with the dentist placing a small titanium post or screw in the socket of the missing tooth. This post will be used as the base to hold the new tooth in place. As the implant site heals, the surrounding bone bonds to the implant. This process can take from six to 12 weeks. During the healing process, the dentist may use temporary crowns to cover the implants. After bonding is complete, the dentist will attach a connector post to the titanium screw. This post will be used to hold the tooth in place. The new tooth is called a crown and will be created to mimic a patient’s natural teeth.Patients who need several implants can choose individual implants or they can have a combination implant and removable bridge device created. This type of device requires fewer implants because these implants will be used as an anchor for a bridge. Patients who have had implants report that there is very little pain involved and that the procedure is less painful than having teeth extracted.

Caring for implants is the same as caring for natural teeth, so patients will have to brush, floss and maintain regular dental visits as usual. And lastly, enjoy your beautiful new smile!