Make Your Smile Beautiful with Cosmetic Dentistry

With cosmetic dentistry, everyone can have a nice smile. Broken or badly stained teeth do not have to prevent someone from obtaining employment, having romance or feeling good about themselves. There are different methods of cosmetic dentistry ranging in price and treatment methods. Some treatments do not involve surgery while others are complicated and expensive.

Only the patient can make the decision whether cosmetic dentistry is right for him or her. Patients should discuss any medical conditions with the dentist so the right treatment options can be chosen.

Teeth Whitening

Many years ago, teeth whitening involved performing a root canal on the tooth, then bleaching the tooth with caustic bleach. Today, the tooth no longer needs to die in order to receive a whitening treatment.

A mold is made from the patient’s teeth, and a custom fitting tray is made from the mold. The mold is filled with dental bleach, and placed over the teeth for a specified amount of time.

While this takes care of most yellowing and stains, it may not work on stains caused by medications taken as a child. Discuss all options with the dentist.

Dental Implants

Titanium implants are screwed into the socket of a missing tooth. A false tooth or pontic is attached to the implant. That is a nutshell description of a dental implant.

The dentist will decide if the implant can be done when a tooth is extracted, or if the implant can be placed in a healed socket. This is an involved procedure that can last for six to twelve months or more, depending on the circumstances.


Instead of metal braces and a lot of constant force to move teeth a few millimeters, today a product called Invisalign works like a removable brace. Since it is removable, the patient can remove it when he or she eats or brushes the teeth.

Porcelain Veneers

Sometimes no amount of bleaching will work on teeth. In that case, porcelain veneers may be the answer. This involves removing enamel from the teeth, and gluing a custom made veneer to each tooth.

Since enamel cannot be restored to the tooth, this is a permanent change.