Above & Beyond Dental Care

Our motto at Barataria Dental is, “above and beyond.” We offer our patients a dentist office experience. Through comprehensive dentistry, we help patients restore the health, function, and the apperance of their smiles. Each patient who visits our dental office …
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Healthy Diet for Healthy Teeth

Did you know certain foods can improve the health of your smile? Some foods are effective at cleaning up plaque while some may actually help whiten your smile. Incorporating some of these nutritious foods into your diet can help you …
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The Progression of Gum Disease

Proper oral hygiene can help keep your gums healthy and promotes strong teeth and a stable bite. Caring for your gums is essential for a healthy and beautiful smile and is all too often overlooked. Gum disease is the leading …
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Healthy Smiles are Beautiful Smiles

At Barataria Dental we believe that a beautiful smile is a healthy smile. New Orleans cosmetic dentists Dr. Maria Burmaster and Dr. Valerie Hemphill begin cosmetic dentistry by ensuring a stable bite and restoring health to the teeth and gums. …
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Do Not Tollerate Bad Breath!

Is your persistent bad breath keeping you back from living your life to the fullest? Bad breath can be embarrassing, and if it does not go away with a thorough brushing and flossing, it may be an indicator of a …
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Your Have Options : Teeth Whitening

Everyone should feel confident in their smile. Our smiles are one of our best attributes and when healthy and bright, can improve the quality of your lives. Discoloration and stains on your teeth are a normal part of aging. Marrero …
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Brush Better

Marrero LA dentists Dr. Maria Burmaster and Dr. Valerie Ribando want all of their patients to enjoy optimal oral health. Oral health begins with an at home oral hygiene routine. We all know we should brush and floss, but is …
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Fact or Fiction Diabetes Quiz

More Americans are being diagnosed with diabetes every year. A growing health concern, diabetes affects more than just your blood sugar levels. Diabetes can also lead to complex dental health concerns. Do you know how diabetes can take a toll …
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Oral cancer awareness month is here- have you been screened? | Marrero, LA

April is Oral Cancer Awareness month- do you know the common symptoms? Oral cancer symptoms can include: Persistent hoarseness Pain or difficulty swallowing Lump in the throat or neck Persistent earache- often in both ears Numbness in or around the …
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Dental implants vs dentures: which is the better option? | Barataria Dental, Marrero

Missing teeth, or losing a tooth, can be a traumatic experience and affects daily life for many patients: chewing food is difficult in many cases and speech can also be affected. Frequently, embarrassment is also a factor and patients find …
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