Restorative Dentistry Marrero LADoctors Maria Burmaster and Valerie Hemphill are highly trained in restorative dentistry which focuses on restoring health, function, and beauty to patients who have complex dental needs. Our goal is to do more than just treat a patient’s symptoms, but to fix the underlying cause of the problem to ensure long term, healthy results.

Barataria Dental has special experience treating patients who have missing or broken teeth, chronic pain and discomfort, tooth decay, extensive wear, or discoloration. Many of these conditions cause emotional and physical difficulty. Through a wide range of restorative dental procedures, we can improve aesthetics, function and ultimately quality of life.

Restorative dental procedures are often combined with cosmetic dentistry for beautiful, natural looking results. Our restorative dental procedures include:

Patient Education is Key

Patient education is very important at Barataria Dental. Our dentists take time with each patient to explain their condition and possible courses of treatment. Our patients are active participants in their dental health decisions. In fact, many comment on how surprised they are with the new understanding they have.

Because restorative dentistry patients often need a number of procedures, we will work with you to phase treatment so that it is comfortable and affordable. We also offer financing options through Care Credit and Smart Care for qualifying patients.

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